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Wedding recap- Heather (four)

One of the things I thought I’d do to encourage more blogging is to go over previous projects and explain my process. I’ll start with Heather – friend, friend of a friend, friend of future sister-in-law, cousin of a co-worker. Heather and I know each other a lot of different ways! For her wedding in 2007, she came to me to get jewelry for herself and her bridesmaids. First, we talked about the dresses. Hers was a champagne colored silk, which she was wonderful enough to have a sample of, with Swarovski crystal beading, and her girls were wearing strapless silk dresses in a dark blue, and caring green flowers. We talked budget, so I knew what kind of materials we could work with, and then the brainstorming began.

First up, Heather. We decided on earrings and a bracelet,  no necklace-so that the sparkle in the dress could stand for itself. I chose a champagne quartz for her earrings that went wonderfully with her dress, and designed a dangly earring that would pop out from under her veil

source: Leslie Koehn

Next, her bracelet – bringing in the champagne color from her dress, sparkly Swarovskis, and a little of the dark blue from her bridesmaids’ dresses.

source: Leslie Koehn

These shots are so amazing, it was great of Heather to let her awesome photographer, Leslie Koehn, to spend some time with my work!

And for her bridesmaids – we decided to do BIG earrings, in blue and green. I used peridot and iolite, on a gold hoop.

source: Leslie Koehn

Heather’s was the first wedding I completed, and I couldn’t have been more excited. I had so much fun looking at fabric swatches and deciding what to make!


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