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because making a phone call was too easy (eleven)

When it was time to ask 5 of the nicest girls ever to be my bridesmaids, I decided to get a little creative. I’d been wanting to try sewing on paper, with the new machine I got for my birthday, so I selected the oldest pictures I could find with each girl, and sewed them to a card.

and wrapped them up, so that this is what they found when they opened the envelope

It took a little time to organize, so that people were starting to wonder if they would be included (especially a certain only sister of mine). But I think it was all worth it when the mail finally arrived. (I’ve saved the voicemails, they make me smile!)


Time to start designing (six)

My bridesmaids are all wearing different dresses from Coren Moore in silver, similar to this one

maggie dress

and a some others with a variety of necklines. The flowers will be similar to this piece from my awesome florist, Tre Bella, except with a bit more green, from rosemary.

So I need to start thinking about what jewelry they will wear. Since all their dresses are different, and they have different jewelry needs – my sis can’t wear earrings, her ears get infected very easily- I think I will do something different for everyone. I’m even thinking about doing different colors – some yellow and some green.

That’s probably all I’m going to say on the subject though, so it will be a surprise. But after, I promise we’ll have some awesome pictures of the outcome.