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holiday spirit take one (three)

This popped up on my google reader this week, via 100 Layer Cake and tonight, while Drew recovers from an early morning breakfast at work, I will be working on my modified version, to start making the house look more festive. Hopefully I’ll get some pictures to share!


inspired (two)


there’s a whole spread in the jcrew catalog this month with tons of long necklaces, which are my current fascination. I’m really excited to make some more, I’ve done a few over the years, but I’ve got tons of new ideas. Who knows, maybe my ladies will find themselves in long necklaces come April.


so, i don’t blog a lot. obviously. but i really think i should, because over the last few (wow, nearly 8 actually!) months since i’ve been planning my wedding, i’ve seen how many wedding vendors have blogs – photographers, stationers, even smaller magazines. and really, that’s what i’m trying to be, a wedding vendor. and as a bride, i’ve liked reading about what’s going on behind the glossy main webpage.

why don’t i blog?

1) i don’t really know how to use wordpress that well

2)i don’t actually know my password, it’s one that wordpress set up for me.

3)sometimes i just don’t want to turn on the computer.

4) the quality of the pictures i take of my jewelry is pretty poor.

Notice that not one of those reasons is not having something to say? I do worry that, though i have a lot of ideas for posts, i might not have enough to say. but one of my daily reads (and my wedding photographer!) Nancy Ray uses her blog not only to showcase her work, but also to document her life. so if i run out of things to say, i figure i’ll talk about our wedding plans, to keep me in a rhythm. Why do i need to be in a rhythm? because, a la Nancy Ray, I’m going to challenge myself to 100 days of blogging (I’m not as ambitious as Jenna and her 365 days. also i plan to be out of the country for a few days in the next year).

so i will need to address the issues above, like find out my password, then make it something i remember, learn more about wordpress, figure out how to post from my blackberry, and maybe take some pictures with the fancy camera on drew’s new droid.

So stay tuned, 99 days to go!

What I’m working on this weekend

My friend Susan is wearing this dress in her sister’s wedding next month:

Sophia dress vintage blue

Sophia dress vintage blue

and carrying a bouquet kind of like this one

gerber daisie bouquet

gerber daisie bouquet

So I’m making her a necklace and earrings to coordinate. Check back next month to see how it turns out!


Just finished up a collection for a former roomate’s wedding. Can’t wait to see how it all turned out, will post pics as soon as she gets some to me. It was so fun to work with someone I know well, deciding on what would most be her style!

Get excited!

After months of aggravation and discouragement, I was writing up my to do list for today last night and I decided I would work as hard as possible to post one item on my etsy shop. I had a feeling that my wonderful photographer Jenna might have resized the photos she took for me, so I could post them, which I sadly cannot do for many of my own (well, until I suck it up and resize them with the awesome tool she pointed out). Turns out I was exactly right, and so instead of posting just one item, I posted 4!!!! Check them out at

A peak:


Recent project

For this wedding, the bride came to me with the following color scheme: teal dresses with a light green sash, orange and hot pink flowers, and maybe some green hydrangeas. And with 7 bridesmaids, nothing extravagant.

And here’s how it all turned out:


We added some yellow and turquoise too. I had so much fun getting really creative with this. It was my first time working with patterns and it took a while to finally get it right, but I think it worked out perfectly, and everyone was happy!


I am having so much trouble trying to load my pictures onto etsy. All the file sizes are way to big. I have figured out how to change the height and width on Photoshop, but have not managed to lower the overall file size. If anyone out there knows how, please please, it’s the last step and I can never get it done!!!

Get some jewelry!

I’m being featured in a giveaway on That Wife! Check it out!

Sports as inspiration…

Inspired by this 57146609
I’ve been working on my Carolina line, available for purchase at Carolina Pride on Franklin St.! I’m hoping to have a bunch of stuff available by graduation weekend, but am sending some off today because the increase in traffic downtown is crazy. Thanks boys!